Webbing Round Sling

We manufacture the exceptional weight lift partners- polyester made round/webbing slings. These slings won’t let the weight slip and creates the perfect tension for binding the weight. We know how much customers complain when they are not happy with the lifting capacity and security features of a sling. Hence, we made our slings without compromising on quality to meet the requirements of even those customers, who are very picky with their products.

Get the best wholesale rate for the premium quality slings available in multiple colors, as you may order. Every sling can lift up to 3 tons of weight and the security rating or safety factor for the slings is 7.1. Every piece comes in shrink package and the length can be adjusted between 1 to 12 meters.

These slings are designed for easy lifting of weights. Every piece is carefully tested. So that, the user is safe and no problem occurs. However, over 3 Tons, the sling tend to break. Therefore, care must be taken to not to exceed the recommended weight lifting limit.

Once, we receive your order, our slings are out for delivery within 35 to 45 days, as they are checked and carefully carton packed before sending for delivery.



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