Bungee Cords

One of the prime requirements in urban living are bungee cords with hooks. Hence, these are always in demand. As a wholesaler or retailer, you must be getting queries for the item. Besides, here is the best resource from where you can get stocks of superior quality highly checked bungee cords.

We sell rubber made highly durable bungee cords with a steel hooks at either end. The colors you can select from are red, orange, blue, and yellow. If you need custom made cords or custom colors, we can meet up to your demands and supply the order. These are ideal as hangers and for lifting things to a height.

While placing order, tell us the requirement of length. We will custom make bungee cords with a hook for you, as per your desired length. Every order is carefully checked. Hence, we take 40 days of time after receiving an order to pack the items in the carton and send it to you.

The high-quality thick bungee cords we supply are great in tensile strength and the hooks attached to it are very strong to hold on to make the grip. Contact us for all inquiries regarding size, thickness, color, etc. of bungee cords and their hooks to feel satisfied before ordering.



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